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Happy Halloween!

So I've been in and out of the studio a lot lately, working with all kinds of different artists, producers and writers. I had a couple sessions with James Bourne, who was best known for his group multi-platinum selling group "Busted". He is also a great writer. We worked with Sparky's Flaw, Will Anderson (lead singer of Sparky's Flaw), and producer Jimmy Harry.

I also headed to Santa Monica to meet up with Mark Hudson. He produced albums for Aerosmith and Ringo Starr. You might have heard of them ….lol. Anyway, we did a few songs together.

At night I ventured out to a couple events. I have to say I saw Kanye perform at the T Mobile party and I thought he gave a great performance. At the Rolling Stone Event I mingled with their publisher and said hello to Chris Brown and Janet Jackson. Dallas Austin flew in for fashion week so we ran around partied it up. Dallas and I went to see Pharrell and Fall Out Boy perform and Fall Out Boy did an amazing remake of Beat It.

And last on my list of fun things I did this month…… I started taking Salsa classes, and No I'm NOT doing dancing with the stars.

Happy Halloween - Be safe!

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