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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Yes I am doing it!!!

OK so I am sure some of you are aware I am do DANCING WITH THE STARS this next season for those of you who do not .....there you go! I know by this morning (21st of feb) they have anounced everyone on Good Morning America , I hope you all tune in to watch me try and be lite on my feet and I hope my fat ass loses some weight! And on that note I know I really am going to have fun and have a great time trying these dances since I have never done them before, even though I have danced but I am sure this will be a challange. And I am cool if I do not win but hey who does not want to win right?!! Soooo I need everyone on here to tell all your friends and family to watch March 19 for the first show and this season I believe they start kicking people off the week after. SOOO CALL AND VOTE FOR ME OR IF NOT,,,,,,,, LET ME KNOW IF I SUCK!!!

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